Dundalk Simon Community address St Gerard’s Novena

13 Oct

Dundalk Simon Community address St Gerard’s Novena.


7 Aug

It is great to see so many services available in Dundalk as regards retail outlets however it is hard to see how the trading situation will improve with present harsh austerity policies in place due to EC current policy for recovering the national debt partly due to reckless leadership by respective governments since joining EC in 1973.

Ireland is coming near the point of no return economically due to such harsh measures of debt recovery been inflicted on our beloved nation it is now time to stop paying the national debt as it will never be paid within the present structure of the EC as we are at the point now where austerity is self defeating. Most people at the lower end of the financial will take no more bullying tactics as a result of this we will see an increase of crime as morale has become low across many sections of our society here in Ireland meaning much disruption for many as the country is literally on its knees for jobs that are of a credible nature for the populous. WE need industries from abroad that can export goods and get money back into the economy.

Sadly I see very little sign of this happening for the present way economic policy is steering us within this EC as we as a nation are pilfered by many Multi-nationals as they relocate to jurisdiction where they make the most profit. I don’t blame any particular government but ask you does the blame not lie with us the electorate who put respective governments in power by democratic processes as a result we are as a nation in the current situation of economic decline in reality as a direct or indirect result of being part of EC structures that seems to be geared on policies of privatization thus neglecting need in the interest of profit. As technology takes over many jobs are lost that were available in the former tensive labour market of Ireland.

Tourism is one way forward but many tourists tell us it is too expensive to holiday here in Ireland as compared to other countries. The big problem is how do we get costs down to make us more attractive to international tourists who themselves may be subjective to recession in their countries. WE need leadership badly as well as much prayer to get us in Ireland out of the economic mess our country is in!

++M D Hynes OMD

Louth County Council changes in staff “running in period”

3 Jul

It must be very frustrating for staff as well as County Councillors like”” the local mans son” when people want answers fast. I would like to know are they still making Donnelly’s sausages. I used to love them when I were a [gason] and they were lovely.

This new system of having staff relocated sounds childish in this day and age as all should be working under the one roof where say a Councillor could get personal contact with the various officials easier (that is if they  were not on annual leave or sick leave) and save polluting the air atmosphere and wasting fuel when driving from literally Biddy to Jack to get a problem sorted. It is not cost effective to the public say having to run around the county if they need personal contact. 

Maybe it is a good way of frustrating people more as Ireland is heading fast for social disruption and official could hide more as when you go to the phone you get “push this and hold or push again” Lol.


For fucks sake why not have all under the one roof in say the County Hall? Well if it were a private company that were cost effective with staff all over the place office staff would be in places like India Egypt Thailand  Chad and the like where wages are much lower and reaping the rewards of this fast internet speed we are to get in place soon. 


We are going from the frying pan to the fire the way this new system is  emerging with having to drive all around the county in that light it may be wise to have have a good mental hospital as the populous will become increasingly stressed as well as staff.

A SHAMBLES or playing a system of HIDE and SEEK.


Cooley Environmental & Health Group

22 May

Cooley Environmental & Health Group

We work for the betterment of environment & health in Cooley Peninsula and it hinterlands and hold a workshop annually usually at the end of January. As well we deal with issues of concern for the populous and lobby on their behalf when requested.

English under fire for parking campaign van in disabled spot

14 May

Sad to see this van parked in a disabled bay maybe he is disabled now or was the van stolen and put there. Or maybe it reflects FG policy in respect of the disabled. Love to hear what the Cll has today before aI pass verdict and ask why was he not fined for parking in a disabled sop?

Talk of the Town


County Councillor Linus English has been coming under fire on social media in recent days after parking a Volkswagen van in a disabled parking spot in Blackrock.

The van, which is being used to promote the Fine Gael candidate’s local election campaign in Dundalk South, was parked outside the Punjab Kebab House over the weekend in a parking space that is reserved for disabled drivers and their passengers.

A number of critics have been blasting the move. Let us know your opinions below…

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1 Sep

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